Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is short and simple. Your personal information belongs to you. We use your information to complete orders, and to improve our site. We will never sell, rent, or trade your information, save for cases of fraud or other illegal activity. 

Periodically we will send out email to those who have signed up for our Mailing List. If you sign up for our Mailing List and later wish to have your name removed, simply email us at We will remove your name within 24 hours. 

This site uses cookies to maintain shopping cart information, and to periodically track user action. This helps us better serve our customers, as it makes us aware of any potential problems with the site's architecture. 

Bluntly put, we despise Spam, privacy intrusions, and any other activity that owes its existence to greed. We are in business to make money with the merchandise and services we sell, not your information. We are committed to protecting your privacy.