Jamo Studio Series 3.0 System with 2 Jamo S 803 Bookshelf Speakers, 1 Jamo S 81 Center Speaker
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You will receive: 2 Jamo S 803 Bookshelf Speakers + 1 Jamo S 81 Center Speaker
Jamo Studio series S 803 Bookshelf Speakers - Unlike any bookshelf speaker, the S 803 Dolby Atmos ready speaker delivers incredible stereo sound with a patent-pending connection points atop the cabinet for seamless integration of the S 8 ATM topper to deliver the overhead effect of Dolby Atmos.

Jamo Studio series S 81 Center Speaker- The S 81 CEN is engineered for clear, balanced dialogue reproduction, making it an ideal center channel for a premium surround sound system. The WaveGuide focuses frequencies in the vocal range directly to the listening area so dialogue is clear, articulate, and realistic, and you never miss a detail.


  • UPC: 010725870413
  • SKU: Jamo-3.0-S803-S81

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