Denon DSB-100 Envaya Mini Portable Premium Bluetooth Speaker

Denon DSB-100 Envaya Mini Portable Premium Bluetooth Speaker
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DSB100 : Water Resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker with NFC, Speaker Phone, and Upto 10 Hours Battery Life
Denon Envaya Mini DSB-100 is a Water Resistant Portable Bluetooth Speaker featuring Bluetooth aptX Low Latency offering CD quality audio streaming over Bluetooth minimizing latency and ‘lipsync’ issues. Each speaker has been sound engineered to create unmatched musical performance and is equiped with dual 40mm wide range drivers delivering extended range and higher volume with lower distortion. Fully featured, this unit even includes NFC Bluetooth Pairing making phone pairing incredibly easy and fast, a rechargeable battery for on the go use, and a built-in, noise cancelling speaker phone option.

CD Quality Streaming

Bluetooth aptX Low Latency audio streaming makes the Envaya Mini ideal for listening to music, watching films, TV or video, or for gaming. A higher quality Bluetooth streaming format, aptX provides CD quality sound – as if you were connected to the speaker with an audio cable (most Bluetooth speaker systems employ standard Bluetooth streaming).

Extraordinary Sound Reproduction

The sound produced is above and beyond anything that conventional compact speaker systems deliver thanks to dual ‘oversized’ proprietary drivers paired with a large passive bass radiator that fits neatly into this speaker’s compact design. Performance is finely tuned with a range of advanced, on-board, patented signal-processing technologies that ‘intelligently’ provide the best possible sound performance from any connected source:

Simple Wireless Connectivity

NFC pairing lets the user tap any NFC enabled Bluetooth audio device, for automatic pairing with no button pressing. Multi-point functionality enables up to two devices to connect simultaneously with the Envaya Mini, to enable sharing music among friends; the speaker plays one audio stream at a time, switching to another one when the current user pauses their music.


  • Dual 40mm Full Range Drivers plus 40 x 83mm passive radiator: offers you superb sound and punchy bass
  • NFC Pairing: Incredibly Fast & Easy Pairing (no buttons touched)
  • Integrated Microphone with noise cancelling: for speaker phone functionality
  • Carrying bag included
  • The digital treble processing enhances and extends high-frequency detail and clarity, for breathtakingly crisp reproduction of digital music files, YouTube videos and gaming soundtracks.
  • A widened 3D audio image producing spacious music, movie and gaming soundtracks and completely belying the compact dimensions of this portable speaker is generated by digital soundstage processing.


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