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At under $2500 for a 5.1 channel system, you'd be hard-pressed to find higher performance or a more refined and tasteful design. The system's diminutive size and flexible wall or stand-mount installation options make it a perfect fit for a smaller to medium-sized rooms. Recommended. - Chris Boylan, Big Picture Big Sound [click here to read the full review]

"This is the best compact speaker system I have ever listened to." — Mark Smith, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity on the System 2200

A perfect speaker system for medium-sized home theaters

We took the "best compact speaker" and improved it! Building on the System 2200's attributes--superb sound, small size for easy, unobtrusive placement, mounting flexibility, high-class materials and top-notch build quality--the System 2400 delivers an even more impressive performance than its predecessor.

Key to the 2400's remarkable sound is its use of Atlantic's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter.

This specially-engineered driver crosses over about a half-octave lower than conventional tweeters for markedly wider midrange dispersion, and therefore far greater sound coverage of the listening area--regardless of where you're seated.

These new loudspeakers are actually a set of "acoustic building blocks" for assembling a system perfectly suited to any room and budget, but one that still maintains a consistent tonal balance.

Feature List

  • Center channel speaker has acoustic optimization controls 
  • Atlantic's exclusive Low Resonance Tweeter for ultra-wide dispersion 
  • 2-way left-right speakers are stand, shelf, or wall-mountable
  • Suggested subwoofer 220-watt 10" 334 SB or 325-watt 12" 444 SB
  • Dipole/bipole switchable surround speakers
  • Satin Black or Gloss Black Finish

2400 LR — Left and Right Channels

The Model 2400 LR Front Channel Speakers are high-performance 2-way systems intended for use with a high quality subwoofer, such as the Atlantic Technology Model 422 SB box-type subwoofer. Each speaker contains two advanced GLH (Graphite Loaded Homopolymer) 4.5 (115mm) woofers and Atlantic's exclusive 1" (25mm) Low Resonance Tweeter, which delivers ultra-wide midrange dispersion for uniform coverage of the entire listening area.

The tweeter and midrange components are configured in an M-T-M array (midrange-tweeter-midrange alignment). A vertical arrangement of drivers provides wide left to right sound coverage while limiting the harmful floor and ceiling reflections that distort and color the sound, degrading vocal intelligibility. All speaker components are mounted in an acoustically inert MDF enclosure, with each speaker magnetically shielded so it can be placed close to a TV set without concern for stray magnetic fields distorting the picture.

2400 C — Center Channel

For accurate reproduction of a multi-channel soundtrack, the three front-channel speakers must offer the identical sonic signature. Though many competing systems offer individual speakers which physically look alike, upon an initial listen, it is often obvious they do not sound anything alike. For this reason, the 2400 C center channel utilizes the same driver components as the matching 2400 and 1400 LR speakers.

The 2400 C is designed to be placed horizontally and features an advanced tilting base to provide optimum sonic coverage of the listening area even when mounted higher or lower than the listener is seated.

A hallmark of Atlantic Technology speaker systems has always been the unusual vocal intelligibility they offer.  Like all of our center channel speakers, Atlantic has included acoustic compensation controls which allow the listener to fine tune the speaker's response for varying placement situations or room acoustics.

The High Frequency Energy filter changes the tilt or roll-off slope of the tweeter and has been designed to help compensate for varying room acoustics.The Average position is intended for rooms with a reasonable combination of reflective (hard) and absorptive (soft) surfaces, while the Reverberant position is designed for rooms with an abundance of reflective surfaces like hardwood or tile floors, glass walls, etc. When used in this position, it decreases the high frequency output of the speaker to reduce excess HF energy that builds up in live rooms. The Damped position brings the tweeter’s output slightly above flat response, to compensate for overly absorbent rooms with extra soft and absorptive surfaces.

High frequency energy is not the only acoustic anomaly one needs to contend with. For that reason, the Boundary Compensation circuit was specially designed to adjust the lower frequency output of the 2200 C to compensate for sound colorations caused by placing the speaker near a TV screen, large boundary, or when built into a wall unit or custom cabinet. Although these controls have been designed to compensate for acoustic room anomalies, we recommend you try different combinations in order to hear first hand the affect they exhibit on the sound of the system.

Once again, Atlantic has taken a flagship feature designed for the THX Reference Standard 8200e system, and built the same level of control into the 2400 C, at a far lower price point.

2400 SR — Surround Speakers

The Model 2400 SR Dipole/Bipole Surround Speakers are intended for use in multi-channel audio/video sound systems as dedicated side or back surround channel speakers. Each 2400 SR enclosure features a 1" soft dome tweeter and the same midrange driver found in the 2400 front LR speakers. The surround speakers can be switched between Dipole and Bipole operation for maximum flexibility when used with high resolution music sources or for conventional surround effects to mimic the surround array found in commercial movie theaters.


Model 2400 LR 2400 C 2400 SR
Type Sealed-box, 2-way
D’Appolito array
Sealed-box, 2-way<


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