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These uniquely styled, compact satellite speakers are built around omnidirectional driver technology that creates a huge sound. The all-metal satellite cabinets are exquisitely finished, they have versatile mounting options, and the Mirage Omni S8 Powered Subwoofer - an upgrade from the usual 75w/300w sub that usually comes with this system.

Product Description.The NANOSAT 5.1 System is a 5.1-channel system complete with five matching magnetically shielded satellite speakers and a Mirage Omni S8 Powered Subwoofer 100w/400w (an upgrade from the 75w/300w Sub usually found with this system). The satellite speakers feature a 2-3/4in woofer and a 3/4in pure titanium hybrid tweeter mounted in Mirage's proprietary OMNIGUIDE dispersion system. With a system frequency response of 30Hz to 20KHz and 100 watt RMS power handling, this system works equally well in both 2 channel and home theater mode. The NANOSAT's beautiful design allows them to be integrated into any decor. The NANOSAT system comes equipped with mounting hardware to allow the speakers to be installed on a wall and out of the way.

Every different sound, from various types of music, to exhilarated sports crowds cheering during the all deciding game or special effects in the latest Hollywood thriller seem as though they are happening in your room. Sound so true, itcan only be OMNIPOLAR. The NANOSAT 5.1 System offers you just that: live-quality sound in your own livingroom.

OMNIPOLAR speakers

The effect OMNIPOLAR speakers have in a Home Theater system is markedly unlike traditional forward-radiating speakers. OMNIPOLAR speakers use walls, ceilings and other surface areas in the room to reflect sound towards the listener. With more reflected sound than direct sound reaching the listener, a tremendously large soundstage is created that makes the listener believe the sound is virtually coming from beyond the walls. Mirage's innovative technology creates the most realistic sound you could ever imagine. Another amazing feature of OMNIPOLAR technology is that it does not matter where you happen to be in the room or where the speakers are located. You no longer have a small 'sweet spot' in which to enjoy your speakers. With the OMNIPOLAR technology, the entire room is a sweet spot.

Three Dimensional Sound - Unbelievably Small Package If you thought great sound quality required expert knowledge and professional installation, think again! The NANOSAT System consists of 5 satellite speakers for front, center, and surrounds and also includes a Mirage Omni S8 Powered Subwoofer. This perfect integration and interaction of audio components has never before been available in such a compact system. NANOSAT's most impressive feature is its size. Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, NANOSAT will easily fit anywhere. The speakers can be mounted on any wall, are perfect for corners, can be placed nicely on a shelf or table and can even be tucked into a bookcase. Barely thicker than a plasma television screen and available in White, Platinum and Platinum/Black, NANOSAT is the culmination of performance and design in a speaker. All you have to do is connect the system and immerse yourself in the sound you love.

Included With Purchase

The speakers come with a metal L-shaped wall bracket attached to their bottoms. With that bracket, you can invert the Nanosats and wall mount them near the ceiling upside-down, so they'll direct sound toward the listening position.

[Subwoofer Specifications]

Product Height: 14-5/8in

Product Width: 11-3/4in

Product Weight: 29 lbs.

Assembly Required: No

Woofer Size: 8in

Woofer Material: Titanium deposit hybrid

Continuous Power Handling: 100W

Peak Power handling: 400W

Surround Material: Elliptical Surround ribs

[Speaker Specifications]

System Type: Magnetically Shielded Omnipolar Satellite

Frequency Response: 110Hz-20kHz, +/-3dB

Nanosat Tweeter: 3/4in (19mm) Pure Titanium Hybrid

Nanosat Woofer: 2 3/4in (70mm) Titanium Deposit Polypropylene Cone with Butyl Surround

Subwoofer: Powered 8in with Ribbed Elliptical Surround

Crossover Point: 2.7kHz

Room Efficiency: 87dB

Impedance: 8-ohm nominal, 4-ohm minimum

Recommended Amplifier Power: 1 to 100 Watts RMS/Channel

Inputs: High Quality 5-Way Binding Posts

Mounting Options: Unlimited

Front Ported Subwoofer

Voice Coil Diameter: 1in

Maximum Driver Excursion: 1.49in Peak-to-Peak

Speakers: 5.8in H x 4.2in W x 4.4in D; Subwoofer: 13.5in H x 11.7in W x 13.5in D

5 Year Limited Warranty


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