- Polk Audio PSW-111 Subwoofer - 150 Watt - 8in
Polk Audio PSW-111 Subwoofer - 150 Watt - 8in
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Feel the bass, see your big-screen

Both the look of and technology behind today's flat panel HDTV-based home theaters focuses on components with a small footprint that leave your viewing area clean and spacious. Because of its modest size and powerful bass output, Polk's RM Series PSW111 subwoofer is the perfect match for Polk's flat-panel optimized loudspeakers, such as the SurroundBar and RM Series loudspeakers. Enjoy a surround sound experience enhanced by deep, rumbling low-frequency audio with clear, accurate bass punch.

Like kryptonite for distortion

Distortion is an audiophile's nemesis numero uno. Distortion �¢?? or interference in the reproduction of an audio signal �¢?? has a variety of sources, including driver construction, motor movement, circuitry performance, and cabinet resonance. Polk's PSW111 powered subwoofer sports a variety of design innovations that minimize these sources of distortion, thereby maximizing your home audio experience. Let's start with the PSW111's Klippel-optimized driver. The folks at Polk use a laser Klippel Distortion Analyzer to optimize motor structure, voice coil alignment, and suspension to achieve symmetrical driver movement. The more symmetrical and consistent a driver's motion is, the less distortion of sound that results. Klippel analysis assures a consistent, symmetrical driver movement for cleaner, clearer low-frequency performance.

Dynamic Balance for reduced distortion, enhanced performance

In our exploration of the multitude of ways in which the PSW111 combats distortion, let's look now at another laser-based technology used by Polk �¢?? Dynamic Balance�?�®. This technology uses laser imaging to create the right combinations of materials, driver geometry, and construction techniques to dramatically reduce the 8" driver's resonance while also producing flat frequency response, sharp detail, transparency, and dynamic wide-range audio reproduction.

Zapping distortion at its electronic source

Interference rears its head in a variety of ways. Even the sound waves produced by a loudspeaker itself can play a part in distorting the audio signal and the sound that is ultimately produced. Reducing interference and distortion that might result from the sound produced at high volume levels, the PSW111's compression circuitry maintains signal integrity for high-fidelity audio reproduction.

Brace yourself

As a final measure toward controlling sources of distortion, the PSW111 features a non-resonant MDF (medium-density fiberboard) cabinet construction using internal bracing for low distortion, deep bass impact, and superior detail, accuracy, and musicality.

Get down with down-firing bass

As a vented-enclosure subwoofer (also known as a bass-reflex sub), the PSW111 allows you to experience enhanced low-frequency reproduction out of a smaller enclosure. Vented systems use the sound produced at the rear side of the diaphragm to increase the efficiency of the system at low frequencies by taking advantage of the resonance of ports or vents designed into the enclosure. The air mass in the cylindrical ports resonates in response to the movement of the air behind the diaphragm within the enclosure, similar to the way that the air in a glass bottle resonates when you blow air across its mouth. Your new PSW111's downward-firing port delivers more bass impact while simultaneously allowing for a more modest enclosure size that won't dominate space in your living room.

Power and versatility

For bass performance that seamlessly integrates with your home audio system and delivers clear, impacting low-frequency reproduction, look to powered subwoofer systems with multiple input options. The Polk Audio PSW111 uses a built-in high-current amplifier, offering 150W of clean, low-distortion power for all your bass needs. Featuring both line- and speaker-level inputs, as well as an unfiltered LFE input for use with low-pass filtered subwoofer output jacks, the PSW111 gives you optimal connectivity options for incorporating this Polk subwoofer into your current system. Finally, a variety of features, including adjustable low-pass crossover, phase switch, volume control, and auto on/off circuitry give you control over bass output and the sub's blending characteristics with your front stage speakers.

The finishing touches �¢?? cables

Go one step further in your quest to reach the pinnacle of home audio. A high-performance sub like your new Polk Audio PSW111 can only help your home audio system reach its full potential if it is receiving a quality, high-integrity audio signal. Audio cables �¢?? chosen specifically for the needs of your system �¢?? deliver the ability to maximize your PSW111's potential. View the accessories list attached to the PSW111 at Vanns.com or call a Vann's customer service representative at the 800 number at the top of this page for assistance in selecting the right set of cables.

Comparison Specifications

Power output: 150W continuous average output / 300W dynamic power output Woofer: One 8" composite-cone driver / Dynamic Balance�?�® Crossover: 80Hz - 200Hz / Adjustable low-pass crossover Cabinet design: Vented enclosure / Downward-firing port / Non-resonant MDF construction Additional Specifications

Frequency response: 38Hz - 250Hz Inputs: Speaker-level spring terminals / Line-level L&R terminals / LFE line-level terminals Outputs: Speaker-level spring terminals Klippel optimization of driver Compression circuitry Phase switch Volume control Auto On/Off circuitry Loud & Low specs: Low: 115.5dB / Ultra: 75.4dB

Dimensional Specifications

Dimensions: 12.13" H x 11.0" W x 13.0" D Weight: 20.3 lbs Polk PSW111 BLACK Warranty Details

5-year parts and labor speaker warranty / 3-year parts and labor amplifier warranty


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