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So that we can properly explain the cash back process, please call us (888-224-3663) before placing an order. We will walk you through the process that gives you 15-25% cash back on purchases from us. There is no catch - call us and learn how simple it is. You can see that we are a member store by locating our name on this page.

In an effort to increase the use of MSN's new search engine, bing, they are offering 15-25% cash back on items found via bing (read about it here) and then purchased. ALSO NOTE that in the past bing has subsidized orders from approved member stores, which increases the cash back percentage offered - sometimes by as much as 100%.

PLEASE READ THE FORUM LINKS POSTED AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. Here is how they describe how it works with ebay:

  Shopping with cashback on eBay is a little different than you'd normally shop on eBay. Use Bing to find the item first and then click through to that item on eBay. Make sure the cashback symbol is visible throughout the entire purchase process. Once you make your purchase on eBay, you'll receive an email from eBay asking you to complete the signup process for your cashback account. See eBay's terms for cashback.  

Additional Steps
  1. Call AcousticSoundDesign (8815-224-3663) and mention the product(s) you would like to purchase. If you would like to mix and match, put together a custom system, etc. just ask.
  2. If you choose to purchase through our ebay store, ASD will put up a special "Buy It Now" product listing on Ebay for you. You will be sent the special, custom auction number.
  3. Follow the Bing instructions regarding making a purchase on ebay.
  4. Type in the special auction number sent to you by ASD after they have created the special auction.
  5. Purchase the item. NOTE - as described above, the deal comes and goes. In the event you do not receive the cash back notice, we will cancel the order.
IMPORTANT LINK: Here is the link to Bings cashback program.
If you have ANY questions give us a call, 888.224.3663. We do not know how long this offer will last, or if the CASH BACK percentage will change.

PLEASE NOTE! - You cannot combine discounts. You cannot use a discount from us in addition to the Bing discount for instance. Discounts can only be used on a per order basis. We reserve the right to alter our discount policy at any time.

Mike Embers
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